Friday, March 11, 2011

Am I 26 or 66?

One of the great sadness's for me and my generation is the loss of craft. Southern culture is full of amazing craft-work that seems to be slipping through the cracks. As technology has made life "easier" we are slowly letting go of the treasures in our past; things like quilting, canning, making the perfect biscuit (from scratch- not from a can or from a freezer). As the trend of going green and getting back to your roots increases, resources have never been more abundant for learning these skills; not to mention the actual method of learning from the masters that you may already know.

I refuse to let these things die out with my grandparents, and although I'm pretty sure I may fail miserably, I feel a calling to try (and try again, and again, and again, until something wonderful happens).

My Goals

1. Grow something edible in my yard, with no help.  Just me, the dirt, and a prayer.

2. Learn to make a good homemade biscuit.

3. Make homemade jelly to go with that biscuit- oh! oh! maybe with fruit that I grew in my yard!!

4. Figure out how to make a quilt, I'm gonna need it to cover up the fat rolls from eating too much biscuits and jelly and food from my yard. 

5. Lastly, sew something I can wear. (In the case I get so big even the quilt won't cover me :)

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  1. love it! I shall come visit often, Lizzie. xx

  2. too funny! I have heard so much talk of biscuits and jelly lately....and it makes me hungry every time! I have actually made them twice after reading about them....but it is late tonight so maybe tomorrow!


  3. Thanks dolls! I am actually having my first biscuit lesson today- luckily this isn't like cookies or I would eat all the dough before they had a chance to bake ;)