Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Drink it Up!

The Sweet Singing London Bird

If songbird Adele were a beverage she would be Rock & Rye with honey. I originally fell in love with her on her debut album 19, but have become officially obsessed on her latest titled release, 21 (she has decided to name each record after the age she was when she recorded it). However, do not let the number fool you- her soul is older than most and her vocals are more comparable to Etta James than today's radio divas.

The velvet from her vocal chords can only be topped by the deep meaning in her songs and the way each lyric brings to mind your own story, sadness and smiles combined. I love, love, love her and hope you will too. Check her out on itunes here or at her website here or at Amazon here and here.

My favorites...

1. Hometown Glory
2. Cold Shoulder
3. Daydreamer

1. Set Fire to the Rain
2. Rolling in the Deep
3. Lovesong

Also, did I mention she is Gaw-geous!

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