Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pin-Up Perfect

Illustrated pin-up girls have always held beauty to a unique standard. Sexy, beautiful, and glamorous, we are able to look at these women with admiration instead of jealousy because, well, they weren't real. Or were they? Recently Buzzfeed posted a group of before and after photos of both the drawings and the women who inspired them, and if you look closely you can see that retouching was still as much of an issue then as it is today. Can you spot the differences between the dame and the drawing?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Victoria!

Happy Birthday to my Bestie Victoria! Today you are 27, and I still feel like we are 17. Some of my favorite memories of you are when you baked a chocolate cake for me in the 7th grade and brought it to Ms Ward's class (I couldn't even fry an egg then), when we would drive around all night screaming our favorite songs- because face it neither of us could sing so we weren't embaressed, being equally bad, and all of our fun times living together at The Earle.

I love you very much and am so happy for your happiness and all the wonderful things that are in your future! Happy Birthday Vic!

P.S. Forgive me for the photos, they are all I had on my computer!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Flora Fantastico!

Some people say that the floral trend is on it's way out, I say hand me my Easter basket and get out of the way! Nothing makes me feel more feminine than soft, flowy fabrics covered in ruffles and flowers. Not a girly girl? A strong leather belt or textured bag can give great contrast or if that still isn't enough a solid summer blazer may result in the perfect amount of fashion forward femme.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Edibles

If you haven't caught the theme... it's the week before Easter and I am dedicating this blog to birds, bunnies, eggs, and all things sweet and pastel. So sorry male audience, not the best time to tune in.

Today I want to share some delish treats that I am hoping to try out. I don't have kids yet, but I am sure my two nephews won't mind being my test monsters. Click on the links in orange to get the recipes for your own little sugar munchers.

Flowerific Lemon Cakes
Baa Baa Sheep Treats
Baby Blue Bird Cupcakes
Crispy Easter Eggs
The Nest Chocolate Cake

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Drink it Up!

Artisan Chocolate = Maybe I can savor instead of scarf....... maybe.

If Cacao Atlanta Chocolate Co. were a beverage it would be Aztec Sipping Chocolate, mainly because that is one of the sensationally uh-mazing things that they make, and it's a drink, and this is Drink it up!, so there, ha!

If you are ever around me for more than a day you will notice my love NEED for sweets, most wanted of these- chocolate! And this group gets it! Since 2004 they have taken their love of this staple and turned it into true art. The leader of the pack is Kristen Hard, another choco-lover since birth. This extremely talented business woman has a background in the culinary world and although she is a true southern belle, she developed her skills and plan abroad.

The Queen of Cacao- Kristen Hard

From bean to bar is their motto and claim to fame, as she is the only one in the Southeast. I love her chocolate, I love her style, and I hope you guys check her out. Below are some sweet treats that caught my eye and tickled my taste buds.

Aztec Sipping Chocolate

75% Love Bar Trio

Dark Chocolate Bean to Truffle Collection

Chocolate Dipped Marshmallow Clouds

For more on Cacao Atlanta Chocolate Co. you can click here to visit their website or go in person to one of their two locations in Atlanta: 312 C North Highland Avenue | 866.960.9449 or new in Buckhead, 2817 Peachtree Rd. NE Atlanta.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


So, I have a friend that is in love with Easter, hey Sara! For as long as I have known her it has been her favorite holiday. Yeah, yeah, many people like Easter, but how many people actually declare it as their number one pick? Over Thanksgiving? Over Christmas?? Over their birthday??? Very few.

Although I have respected it, I've never really understood her excitement... until this year. Yes, the special candy comes out and I am a lover of peeps and mini eggs and, yes, the abundance of color seems amazing after the dreary winter, but to me it's the egg art that's rocking my brain. True, I haven't dyed an Easter egg since elementary school, but a lot has changed from my solid oranges, pinks, and greens. Below are some of the beauties that I have found that are making me smile and rethink this hoppy holiday (haha, lame!)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Lust List- Easter Edition

Growing up in a relatively large family (my grandfather was the only boy of 7, all of which multiplied like rabbits into dozens), Easter has always been a favorite holiday. Each year brought a new dress to wear to church, a surprise basket full of goodies, and the annual Easter egg hunt.

After service, the entire clan would convene at my great-grandmother's home in the country for lunch and fellowship. Then, once the beautiful new dresses and slacks were exchanged for "play clothes"- the game was on and someone went around the room to collect contributions for the grand prize Easter egg. Unlike some families this game wasn't just for fun, we took our hunt to a whole other level. Competion is key in the south and the prize cash egg was always worth fighting for; so much so that every child had the help of a grandparent or parent to assist. Digging through the grasses, climbing up trees, our mission was clear. I won a couple of times over the years and have my grandfather to thank (for the memory and the cash).

Below are some things I would love to buy if I had that cash egg this year...

Bird Nest Magnets $19.99
A Divine Easter Hat $194.00
Perfect Easter Chairs $500.00
Pastel Jar Chandelier $100.00
Robin's Egg Floor Fan $49.00
A Spring Clutch to match $58.00

Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Wreaths

So last night I made a Spring themed wreath. In true Lynzie fashion I burned my fingers with the hot glue gun, spilled the whole bottle of glitter (which was Martha Stewart, ka-ching!, so I was extra miffed) and realized after all the hard work that my wreath hanger was in the scary attic and I will have to wait until my honey can get it down. Aside from all the road blocks I think I did pretty well and will post a picture of my version when I finally finish Spring sprucing. Until then, you can see what I modeled it from below. Click on the orange links to learn to build your own. P.S. I gotta buy a sewing machine- it makes it a lot easier to complete.

Via Jones Design Company

Some other beautiful wreaths I would like to try out are....

Via Reasons To Skip The Housework
Via Sew Much Ado
Via Kiki Creates

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Drink It Up!

EmersonMade: Em' R Some Cool Designs!

Haha! Did you catch my funny word play? Emerson = Em' R Some (country lingo)...... No? Nothing? *crickets* Fine, I tried.

Anyway, If EmersonMade were a beverage it would be a straight up vodka tonic with lime- so fresh and soooooooo cool!

This is Emerson and her husband Ryan, very hip New Yorkers who left the city, moved to the country, and started producing some pretty fantastic designs.

I love that she does her own modeling, because Hello! she's adorable! I love that her clothes balance vintage feminine style with more masculine traditional fabrics. But mostly I imagine that every time you put something on you gain at least 4 cool points. Below are some of my faves (And yes, there are many!).

The Perfect Shorts!
F is for Fish......... and F-ing Awesome.

I want to wear these every. single. day. Also, tall girls rejoice- they go up to 36.5 inseam! Ah!
Awwwwww! I heart it, ha.
I am seeing spots- and I like it!

I want so bad!

Did I mention that her hubby is yummy...

A couple that styles together, stays together, muah!

And lastly.... a table turned runway!
So, if you don't want to swallow this gal whole by now.. well, then you're nuts! And if you want to get more of her and her uh-mazing style go click here. Or check out her blog here.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Lust List- Captain Planet!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Earth Day is next Friday and I can't help but think of ways to improve my daily life by helping out good ole' Mother Earth. We recycle and I try to use reusable bags, but I have thought of one more way to support the cause, and still shop and lust over some amazing find this week on etsy. Below are some of my favorite items that are either re-purposed, recycled, reused or made with environmentally responsible materials.

Eco Felted Rose Slippers $80.00
Re-purposed Tiny Crab Ring $16.00
Recycled Art on Text Print $10.00
It's a Bee Necklace $165.00
Recycled Farm Metal Sign $35.00
Mason Bee Nest made from Recycled Wood $27.00