Thursday, April 14, 2011

Drink It Up!

EmersonMade: Em' R Some Cool Designs!

Haha! Did you catch my funny word play? Emerson = Em' R Some (country lingo)...... No? Nothing? *crickets* Fine, I tried.

Anyway, If EmersonMade were a beverage it would be a straight up vodka tonic with lime- so fresh and soooooooo cool!

This is Emerson and her husband Ryan, very hip New Yorkers who left the city, moved to the country, and started producing some pretty fantastic designs.

I love that she does her own modeling, because Hello! she's adorable! I love that her clothes balance vintage feminine style with more masculine traditional fabrics. But mostly I imagine that every time you put something on you gain at least 4 cool points. Below are some of my faves (And yes, there are many!).

The Perfect Shorts!
F is for Fish......... and F-ing Awesome.

I want to wear these every. single. day. Also, tall girls rejoice- they go up to 36.5 inseam! Ah!
Awwwwww! I heart it, ha.
I am seeing spots- and I like it!

I want so bad!

Did I mention that her hubby is yummy...

A couple that styles together, stays together, muah!

And lastly.... a table turned runway!
So, if you don't want to swallow this gal whole by now.. well, then you're nuts! And if you want to get more of her and her uh-mazing style go click here. Or check out her blog here.

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