Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Wreaths

So last night I made a Spring themed wreath. In true Lynzie fashion I burned my fingers with the hot glue gun, spilled the whole bottle of glitter (which was Martha Stewart, ka-ching!, so I was extra miffed) and realized after all the hard work that my wreath hanger was in the scary attic and I will have to wait until my honey can get it down. Aside from all the road blocks I think I did pretty well and will post a picture of my version when I finally finish Spring sprucing. Until then, you can see what I modeled it from below. Click on the orange links to learn to build your own. P.S. I gotta buy a sewing machine- it makes it a lot easier to complete.

Via Jones Design Company

Some other beautiful wreaths I would like to try out are....

Via Reasons To Skip The Housework
Via Sew Much Ado
Via Kiki Creates

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