Monday, April 18, 2011

Lust List- Easter Edition

Growing up in a relatively large family (my grandfather was the only boy of 7, all of which multiplied like rabbits into dozens), Easter has always been a favorite holiday. Each year brought a new dress to wear to church, a surprise basket full of goodies, and the annual Easter egg hunt.

After service, the entire clan would convene at my great-grandmother's home in the country for lunch and fellowship. Then, once the beautiful new dresses and slacks were exchanged for "play clothes"- the game was on and someone went around the room to collect contributions for the grand prize Easter egg. Unlike some families this game wasn't just for fun, we took our hunt to a whole other level. Competion is key in the south and the prize cash egg was always worth fighting for; so much so that every child had the help of a grandparent or parent to assist. Digging through the grasses, climbing up trees, our mission was clear. I won a couple of times over the years and have my grandfather to thank (for the memory and the cash).

Below are some things I would love to buy if I had that cash egg this year...

Bird Nest Magnets $19.99
A Divine Easter Hat $194.00
Perfect Easter Chairs $500.00
Pastel Jar Chandelier $100.00
Robin's Egg Floor Fan $49.00
A Spring Clutch to match $58.00

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