Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!

Yesterday, Memorial Day, was also my Dad's birthday. In all the excitement and happiness of soaking up the sun, I didn't post my birthday wishes- bad bad daughter!

So, think of today as just another day to celebrate a great guy and my one and only Dad! Happy Birthday Daddy- I love you very much!!!!

Lust List: Patchwork Perfect

As a graphic designer I have learned to love incredible patterns and as a southerner you can’t get much more incredible than hand sewn quilts. I have my own collection made of handed down heirlooms and beauties that I just couldn’t pass up. I love the array of colors and the story that flows through each piece of cloth. Quilts are cool.

That’s why this week’s Lust List is dedicated to patchwork patterns and items that remind me of this fabulous tradition. Enjoy!

Indian Gypsy Cuff $120.00

Eve Lollies from Vanilla Stick $32.24

Postcard Collection $16.00

The Duchess Bracelet $36.00

Lacy Link Shoe $225.00

Folk Miniature Town $30.00

Hello Smartie Hairpiece $58.00

Thursday, May 26, 2011


The new "ONE" project in downtown Greenville will officially house....... (drum roll)...... ANTHROPOLOGIE!!!!!

Yes, it is possible and very very sad to be this excited over a store, especially because this project will not be complete until 2013. But we are growing people! G-R-O-W-I-N-G!!!!

To check out the project click here and to check out Anthropologie's online store, climb out from your rock and click here.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Drink It Up!

Good Clean Nostalgia            

If Nostalgia were a beverage it would be a perfect glass of apple juice at your favorite grandmother’s house.

A supplier of organic soaps and toiletries, this fabulous artisan shop has founded a world that is kind to it’s clients and the planet, while keeping a style all their own. I love the bright traditional prints that take me back to childhood mixed with the happy feeling that these products are actually good for the environment and me.

See some of my favorite picks below or check them out here.  


Fashion Food

My two biggest cravings in the world are for food and fashion, so after being inspired by the oh so chic cookies here I decided to dig up more fashion forward edibles. Why can't the food that goes in us be as cute as the clothing and accessories that go on us!? And why can't we bring more than the normal meaning to good taste!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Lust List: A Bicycle Built For You!

OK, so I haven't had the best track record with biking. I am too lanky, too uncoordinated, and just plain unlucky when it comes to using my arms and legs at the same time. However, when it comes to bicycle accessories and items featuring this fun mode of transport- I am sold!

Below are some great items for enthusiasts of the sport or those like me who really dig the design. As always, click on the orange link to purchase or check out more items from these great stores!

Retro Bike Note Cards with Envelope $23.50

Bike Portland Archival Print $15.00

Bike Rider Cupcake Decorations $3.50

6 Pack Frame Cinch $22.00

8 Bars of Gear Head Organic Shampoo $47.95

Bike Tool Roll Kit $44.00
Bike Lamp Pair $60.00

Also, for more info on cycling or for a better perspective on the genre click here to visit my friend James and his uhmazing site Bicycle Design.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Animal Cracker Chic

Also..... did you know that Lilly Pulitzer designed animal cracker boxes? Well she does and they are so cute and I know what I am getting for my lunch box next week! You can read about them here or buy them here. Enjoy!

Drink It Up!

For the coolest girls in school or the office!

If iomoi were a beverage it would be a pineapple margarita with a little cayenne pepper.

As a luxury lifestyle brand, iomoi has a modern twist all of it's on. The brain child of co-founders Irene Chen and Matthew Grenby, this collection of traditionally shaped bags, stationary, and other daily items are kicked up a notch with fun characters, colors, designs, and monograms.

Both Chen and Grenby's personal style definitely translates and I love their groove! Check out some of my favorites below or click here to go straight to their site.

You pick a bag, you pick a design, and presto! Chic custom bag!
Hot coasters for your cool drink!
Address labels = perfection
Monogrammed tray, also completely customizable
These No. 4s make me wanna go back to grade school, so posh.
More delicious treats from iomoi

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Birds of a Feather

Even though feather hair extensions aren't exactly a new trend anymore, I still remain undecided. After going to a bridal shower this weekend, where a solid 80% of the women had these hair accessocries, it really left me in a style limbo.

Initially I went crazy over them and loved the Ke$ha, pretty gypsy vibe they gave off, but of course I first saw them on a 20-year-old and am at the age where I question- "Is that too young for me now?" But after seeing them sported in a very short hair style (placed mainly in the bang area) and by ladies a little older than me, I could see where they are flattering and can jazz up any cut or color.

I have to admit another reason I was holding back was because, let's face it, red hair is already wild enough- would adding feathers look silly or be like throwing glitter on an already brightly colored boa? Plus- could I even get away with it at my very corporate day job?

The verdict is still out on whether I will be joining the flock, but below are some styles I really love if I take the leap.

Images via Sync and Savvy Scoop

Lust List: Rainbow Bright

Funny how no matter how old I grow I am still thrilled each time I spot a rainbow. In fact most people I know, despite their age, will at least stop and comment when they see the beautiful spray of colors across the sky. In my opinion, it is the lack of cheerful moments like this that dry us out as adults. We lose the magic and the thrills of everyday excitement. This is why I have chosen some low-cost, high-cheer, items that can perk you up on a rainy day or any day you need it. As always, click on the orange link to view or purchase these great items!

Chickadee Bird Art Decorative Light Switch Plate Cover $8.00

Rainbow Elephants Vintage Encyclopedia Book Print $6.95

Rainbow Wooden Knitting Needles $14.00

Screen Printed Bicycle Pint Glasses, Set of 4 $31.00

Colored Baker's Twine $9.00

Rainbow Stripe and Solid Cupcake Liner Mix (100) $7.00

Summer Fun Paper Straw Combo Pack $4.50

Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Ty Ty!

My twin that was so stubborn he stayed in there for 3 extra years.

Happy Birthday to my baby brother Ty! Today you are 23! I could never have asked for a better partner in crime. As the only redheads in our whole family- we were destined to stick together. I love your fun personality and silly sense of humor. Always at ease with who you are and what you believe in, I am constantly proud of the man you are becoming. There are so many things waiting for you in life- so work hard and grab 'em. If you aren't living on the edge you are taking up too much space ;)

I love you so much and hope today is fun and full of wonderful surprises.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Drink It Up!

If Derek Lam's pairing with ebay were a beverage it would be similar to a glass of Charles Shaw wine (aka two-buck-chuck)- premium quality for a bargain price.

This much anticipated marriage of high style and low price launched yesterday and if you dont hurry you may miss it! You can get to the main link here or check out some of my top picks below and follow their links straight to the source, but hurry hurry sizes are limited and the sales don't last long!

The Black Tie Evening Dress $275

The Sun Dress $195
The Boho Dress $295