Monday, May 23, 2011

Lust List: A Bicycle Built For You!

OK, so I haven't had the best track record with biking. I am too lanky, too uncoordinated, and just plain unlucky when it comes to using my arms and legs at the same time. However, when it comes to bicycle accessories and items featuring this fun mode of transport- I am sold!

Below are some great items for enthusiasts of the sport or those like me who really dig the design. As always, click on the orange link to purchase or check out more items from these great stores!

Retro Bike Note Cards with Envelope $23.50

Bike Portland Archival Print $15.00

Bike Rider Cupcake Decorations $3.50

6 Pack Frame Cinch $22.00

8 Bars of Gear Head Organic Shampoo $47.95

Bike Tool Roll Kit $44.00
Bike Lamp Pair $60.00

Also, for more info on cycling or for a better perspective on the genre click here to visit my friend James and his uhmazing site Bicycle Design.


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  2. Thanks for the mention, Lynzie...and nice collection of finds. The Sip just keeps getting better. Keep up the great work!