Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Review: Nose Dive

When Restaurant O closed down, I have to admit I was a little sad, although I had not been there in months, I still had fond memories of cocktails with my mom at their second tier bar (with the best keylime martinis ever!). But when I heard of a "gastropub" taking it's place I was intrigued and excited to try the new place.

Opened by Table 301, the same group that has brought Greenville restaurants such as Deverauxs and The Lazy Goat, this spot promises a new experience that delights both the nose and the taste buds, but keeps a "dive" like comfort for anyone who might enter.

When we arrived the place was packed (note to self and all of you: call ahead for reservations on the weekend) however, we quickly found a place upstairs at the bar, which was first come first served. Maybe it's because they are in O's old building or maybe it's because of the fancy "gastropub" subtitle, but I was expecting a higher price point for the grub. My husband and I are were both delighted when we picked up the menu and found blanketed prices for each category. Snacks $6, Soup Bowls $5, Salads $6, Sandwiches & Burgers $8, Mains $14, and Desserts $5- uhmazing! So, this is what we ordered and split...

To start...
Maryland Crab Pretzel
Warm Soft Pretzel, NOSE DIVE Creamy Deviled Crab, Melted White Cheddar Cheese

Thoughts: Love, love, loved it! Probably more than my husband. Magically it kinda tasted like a deconstructed, gooey crab cake and the pretzel was perfectly cooked- not too doughy.

Next, we split....
The Gastro Pub Burger
Braveheart Prime Angus Beef, Brioche Bun, American Cheese (yellow-of course) with a ceasar side salad.

Thoughts: The burger was juicy and grilled to our precise specifications, and the bun, OMG the bun, I will have dreams about that fluffy piece of heaven! On a side note, I dont think we would go with the salad again, kinda bland and forgettable. 

we also had...

Fish and Chips
Beer Battered Cod, Hand Cut Fries, Malt Vinegar Aioli, Cole Slaw

Thoughts: Some of the best fried fish we had ever had, my husband liked this even more than the burger, I think they tied. We were also surprised at how large the portions were. We both ate until we almost bust and still had a huge box to take home to Lady. I was a little let down by the fries, they are cooked in duck fat so I expected something more thrilling, but alas, just regular fries. Same for the slaw, kinda bland. Next time I wanna go for the fries trio was flavors and sauces. 

Lastly, after a heated debate we chose the....

Krispy Kreme Creme Brulee
with Espresso Chocolate Chip Cookies

Thoughts: Dessert is my favorite and I was originally pulling for the Nose Dive Dark Chocolate Candied Bacon Brownie with American Honey Bourbon Ice Cream, and honestly I wish I had gotten that. The Creme Brulee was too eggy tasting and honestly not very good, the cookie out shined it completely, which is sad considering they were the garnish. I would get this again.

Over all, we had a great dinner and have already recommended this place to multiple friends. So give it a try, but call ahead, I bet it's even better in the actual dining room. I am already making a list of what to try when we go next. 

For more info click here or for a look at the menu click here.

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  1. I'm excited to try this as soon as I move to town. Yum!