Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Birds of a Feather

Even though feather hair extensions aren't exactly a new trend anymore, I still remain undecided. After going to a bridal shower this weekend, where a solid 80% of the women had these hair accessocries, it really left me in a style limbo.

Initially I went crazy over them and loved the Ke$ha, pretty gypsy vibe they gave off, but of course I first saw them on a 20-year-old and am at the age where I question- "Is that too young for me now?" But after seeing them sported in a very short hair style (placed mainly in the bang area) and by ladies a little older than me, I could see where they are flattering and can jazz up any cut or color.

I have to admit another reason I was holding back was because, let's face it, red hair is already wild enough- would adding feathers look silly or be like throwing glitter on an already brightly colored boa? Plus- could I even get away with it at my very corporate day job?

The verdict is still out on whether I will be joining the flock, but below are some styles I really love if I take the leap.

Images via Sync and Savvy Scoop

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