Friday, May 6, 2011

A Fresh Coat

It's time for a change ladies and gentleman. I can no longer stand the khaki walls of my home. The builder not only painted the walls khaki, but he got so into it he painted the ceilings that way too! So, other than the one blue wall in our bedroom, I feel like I am living in a big khaki box- and if you know me, I am not a khaki type of gal.

And now it the time for change! My list of rooms to paint are...

1. Our Master Bathroom (messy brushers = toothpaste splattered walls, and this is why it's numero uno)
2. The Ceiling of our kitchen/dinning room area.
3. The little hallway to our guest bathroom.
4. Our Master Bedroom
5. Our Guest Bedroom

And, yes, this will take a while to do and much arguing with the honey. However, I have chosen some colors and at least that's a start.

A soft glossy grey-blue for the Master Bath, lusting over the furnishings too!

A richer dusty grey-green for the Kitchen Ceiling & Master Bedroom
A rich chocolate hallway
Also, how great do those plates look with the brown paint? Must copy!
(via cupcakes and cashmere)
Magic green for an inviting Guest Room

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