Tuesday, April 19, 2011


So, I have a friend that is in love with Easter, hey Sara! For as long as I have known her it has been her favorite holiday. Yeah, yeah, many people like Easter, but how many people actually declare it as their number one pick? Over Thanksgiving? Over Christmas?? Over their birthday??? Very few.

Although I have respected it, I've never really understood her excitement... until this year. Yes, the special candy comes out and I am a lover of peeps and mini eggs and, yes, the abundance of color seems amazing after the dreary winter, but to me it's the egg art that's rocking my brain. True, I haven't dyed an Easter egg since elementary school, but a lot has changed from my solid oranges, pinks, and greens. Below are some of the beauties that I have found that are making me smile and rethink this hoppy holiday (haha, lame!)

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