Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Beachy Keen!

In several weeks I will be going to my very first Florida beach. Actually, it's my first trip to Florida period unless you count a lay over in Miami. Yeah, yeah I know this makes me sound like a bumpkin and no, I have never even been to Disney World :(, but when you live in a coastal state it just makes sense to take advantage of the surrounding shores. Plus, I think my siblings and I were too much to handle for that long in a car- 2 redheads with tempers and 1 whiner, you do the math.

Anyway, considering my group of girlfriends have gotten married one-a-year for the last three years, we have kinda worn out the Carolina beaches on our bachelorette trips. And to be honest I think we are all a little scared to show our faces again in some of the places, ha!

So, this year we are mixing it up and heading wayyy south to soak in the early summer sun; but before I go, I have created a wish list of items to add to my summer wardrobe.

1. DV by Dolce Vita $79.00
2. Roxy Monokini $76.00
3. Sequin Anita Starfish Necklace $178.00
4. Forever 21 Strapless Romper $19.80
5. Milly Maxi Dress $420.00
6. J Brand $139.00

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