Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tea Time!

For the most part, coffee reins supreme in the southern states and most patrons are as addicted to it's smooth dark brew as they are to college football and fried chicken. However, after our honeymoon to Ireland I have been converted to hot tea. Consumption of this breakfast beverage across the pond is unlike any coffee ritual I have seen here. Instead of the quick-as-you-can cup of joe that you gulp down on the ride to work, they take a more formal approach. Each morning was a tea party with beautiful linens, pretty cups and saucers, and an etiquette that went beyond my paper to-go cup from home. I was sold and immediately bought an entire tea service when I returned. This love of tea has also inspired me to look for more tea inspired items.

Vintage Floral Tea Printable Party Invitation $16.00

Vintage Style Bow Headband with Teacup $41.32

Dining Room Measuring Spoons from Anthropologie $24.00

Mystic Plumes Teacup from Anthropologie $18.00

Blue Finches Dishtowel from Anthropologie $18.00

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