Monday, March 21, 2011

Lust List- The Beginning

So, here's the thing- I don't have many addictions in my life; Bravo reality television, Talenti gelato (sea salt caramel rocks my socks!), and maybe lazy weekends with my hubby indulging in both Bravo and Talenti. However, I am obsessed with and find myself trolling it's pages at least once a day eager for the next amazing find.

That's why every Monday I am going to come up with an Etsy Lust List, items that I have found, loved, and hoped would end up at my house or maybe one of yours.

On today's list.......

Big Owl, Little Owl something to cheer up my Monday.  $42.00

3 Plarn Baskets. Perfect for newspapers or flowers $30.00

Mama & Bebe Sheep art print.  $12.00

Save Japan Soaps $12.00

Baby Sugar Cookie Carrots- yes please! $12.50

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