Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Welcome to The Deep South Sip!
Trying to come up with a friendly introduction is a tricky thing. The fine balance between informative and boastful has made me rewrite this measly biography four times so far. I know I’m always curious about the writer, but I also know how harshly I judge them when they write 8 pages about dear old Snowball.

Factually, I am a twenty-something designer living in Greenville, SC with my husband and Golden Retriever, Lady. We have been married since November of 2009 and I seem to still be meandering through the, now and again confusing, newlywed years. Sometimes, hitting dead ends that result in ruined dinners and hot grease burned hands, and other times triumphing by finalizing the decorations in our new home. Outside of the home I fashion-scavenge and love to travel. The best part of our area is the ability to take a left and find your self deep in the mountains or veer right and be downtown for lunch in ten minutes flat.

Boastfully, I am the oldest child of a real-life farmer and know I can out-fight, out-cuss, or out-drink any of the city girls that I have learned to love, even if all said statements are based more on confidence than factual encounters. Aside from the Ellie Mae persona you probably have conjured in your head, I am literate and have been published in Skirt! Magazine and online as a skirt-setter. So, I guess I am more of a Clampett who went to college. Reading, writing, fashion, food and art make my world explode and will be the main flavor in each sip you take here.

So, take a big gulp, away we go!

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