Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Pre-Summer's Night Dream

If you are like me when it comes to working in your yard- then procrastination is your middle name and plant-killer is your first. That’s why as I stare at our winter-ravaged back lawn I dream of a prettier place yet to come and just pray that I can make it happen. A summer oasis to gather with friends for an outdoor feast or the perfect nook to dig in to the latest pile of my favorite magazines is my main goal. I want it to be enchanting. I want it to smell amazing. And mostly I want to want to be outside.

First is to create a planting list. To create aroma I have chosen honeysuckle, in two beautiful shades of pink, and peony. Both, I’m told by our local nursery owner, should do well in our local zone 7 area (although, I have never planted either and felt like she was teaching a chemistry class instead of helping me pick out pretty flowers). You can find out what zone you are in and what grows best there here. Another new addition will be some blackberry bushes that I am taking a chance on considering our lot have only a few full sun areas. The main goal here is to check another box off my “Becoming A Good Wife List” and eventually learn how to make my own jam, fingers still crossed.

Next, I want to add color and drama with new pillows, decorative pots, and cool birdhouses. Lighting can also make a huge impact, especially while dining alfresco, so my low budget answer is strings of outdoor Christmas lights saved after buying our prelit tree this year. For some reason those twinkling strands always add that dash of magic to any location.

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