Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sunday Dinner

To Grandmother's house I go...

Sundays are a special time for families all over- not just in the south. A time for rest, a time for fellowship, and a time to throw down in the kitchen. That’s why every Sabbath I am required by family law (and my very demanding but hilarious grandfather) to show up for Sunday Dinner. Yes, you read it right, down here lunch can be called dinner and dinner may be called supper. And I just wanna be apart of it all. So, to grandmother’s house we go!

The ride from Greenville to their home in Six Mile takes about 35 minutes and can be a really great ride. Long enough to crank up the tunes and jam out, but easy enough to make each week.

This week, although gloomy, was exactly what I needed. My grandparent’s house has an instant warmth that pulls you in with the sweet smell of home cooking and hugs yet to be had. She definitely comes from that group of women that live to increase the love in your heart and the fat on your rear. This week’s menu included fall-off-the-bone pork chops with bbq sauce, green beans with pork and potatoes, whipped potatoes, and a macaroni bread pie. I literally wanted to throw my face in the plate.

Being a competitive group, after most lunches we clear off the table and play a loud game of hardcore dominoes. Hardcore dominoes? Isn’t that for old men in the park? Heck no! If you haven’t played Mexican Train Dominoes go here NOW and pick up a set. So much fun, and will have even the sheepish of players talking smack! Today’s grand winner….. my baby brother, Ty! Congrats, but I am coming for you next week!

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