Friday, March 8, 2013

Try Another Sip...

The best thing about a good drink is that it has the ability to change any given moment for the better. Whether it be a hot sip of coffee on a cold morning, a cool drink on a hot afternoon, or a much needed cocktail after a long day- you instantly feel a little brighter as it rolls it’s way down. Life itself is full of moments we savor and moments that make us pinch our noses and gulp quickly. Since my last post over a year ago, eek!, I have had my share of each. However, another great thing about a drink is that even if it’s the worst swig you’ve ever taken- all you need is a taste of something different to wipe it clean.

So here we go… To a new start and a new SIP! Cheers!

Starting MONDAY, MARCH 11 2013 The Deep South Sip is coming back! 

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