Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lust List- Starry-Eyed

It's getting warmer here in the deep south. Spring is floating in and with daylight savings in full swing, the excitement is almost too much to stand. One of my favorite summer activities has always been stargazing. Something about a warm night, a comfy quilt in the grass, and feeling small against the blanket of the sky is magical. Alas, we still have a bit to go before South Carolina heats up enough for summer frolicking. So until then, here are some starry surprises that are place holders for the real thing...

Starlette Hair Pin $18.00

Sugar Stars $15.00
Star Stud Converse $95.00
Tiny Star Necklace $13.50

Antique Star Garland $20.00
Silver Cake Toppers $6.50

Starlight Metal Sign $200.00


  1. Thank you...your choices are beautiful!! - ArtsDelight

  2. I couldn't agree more - there's something so magical about star gazing.

    Many thanks for the lovely inclusion in this great collection of my absolute favorite shape!