Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pop The Bubbly...

Recently my weekdays have been full of work, hitting the gym, and fighting the cold rainy days that refuse to give in to Spring. So feeling like a puddle when I get home and not wanting to do anything other than collapse has become a problem. The laundry waits for the weekend, my nails go unpolished and chipped, and sadly my skin has seen only sporadic rendezvous with Mr. Lotion. However, I am forcing myself back towards the living by reviving an old evening ritual from childhood that calms my nerves and helps me get ready for much needed sleep. Mandatory BATH TIME!!!

It's my new favorite thing and I truly look forward to it after dinner. Melting into a hot tub and soaking in warm scents, leaving all the stress of the day to go down the drain with the water when I'm finished. Below are a list of my favorite bubble bath buddies that aid me as I drift away.

1. Perlier Honey Cream Bath $27.50
2. Sake Bath by Fresh. $80.00
3. Deep Steep Bubble Bath $11.95
4. Bath & Body Works Luxury Bath $16.50
5. Origins Calm Your Senses Lavender Vanilla Bath Oil $24.00

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