Thursday, June 16, 2011

Drink It Up!

Rustic, yet Refined

Keith Phillips, Clever Creator

If Keith Phillips were a beverage he might just be a cold PBR served in a beautiful piece of china.

Based right above us in NC, Phillips created Mud Stuffing to showcase his uh-mazing handmade pottery, quilts, and fabrics. The traditional down-home quality spiced with delicate detailing and whimsy has me drooling at the mouth to own a chunk.

First on my list is the sponge holder and a tea or coffee cup to strut around the office with, but if I ever get my hand on a cool grand- that Bee Queen is mine!! Below are some of my favorites but make sure to click here to see all the other beauties from this talented local gem. He also has a blog spot here or a feature interview on etsy here.

P.S. Ladies- it doesn’t hurt that he’s nice on the eyes either!

My sponges shall never look ugly again!

Oh, Bee Queen how I love thee!
Even if your tea goes cold it will still look hot and stylish in this cup!

The details- rock my brain!

All photos by Mud Stuffing.

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